All pupils are taught in classes of the same year group and each class has two 35-minute ICT lessons a week. These lessons are used to introduce pupils to the basic skills within ICT covering the strands of; communicating and handling information, numeric modeling and basic computing. All this work is taught in a specialised ICT room.

All pupils are encouraged to take an interest in the more knowledge based aspects of the ICT curriculum by offering a mix of topics that includes; e-safety, computer hardware, desk top publishing, image manipulation, numeric modelling and communication. All pupils will be given the skills and knowledge to be competent and safe digital users.

At KS3 the units of work are developed in-house. Pupils are encouraged to use video tutorials as well as tailored resources, both electronic and paper, to learn basic skills and apply these to short creative pieces. KS4 builds on the skills acquired in KS3 and is focused on the Functional Skills qualifications.

Pupils are encouraged to take examinations as soon as possible; Edexcel Functional Skills Entry Level 3 and Edexcel Level 1 Functional Skills in years 9/10 and Edexcel Level 2 Functional Skills in years 10/11. Functional Skills qualifications cover the basic computer skills needed to function in the modern work place environment, and indicate a level of competence in the three areas of: Using the Computer, Finding and Selecting Information and Developing, Presenting and Communicating Information.

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